Rich Santa token

Get rich by Christmas.

No owner, locked liquidity, hyper deflationary & community driven. Ownership renounced and private seed investors burned their wallets worth $400k at ATH.


Fulfilling many 'Dear Santa' letters

0 %
on all transactions

Every transaction will add value to each community holder (deflate & reward), as well as adding you automatically as a sponsor to support the mission for current Christmas season, helping needy children.

5% Deflationary

Community first. 5% of all transactions are deflating into a decentralized pool contract without ownership, ever.

0.5% Charity

0.5% of all transactions are donated every Christmas to needy children to put a smile on their face. Check donation plan for Christmas 3.0

3% HODL reward

Diamond hands are respected in our community, that's why 3% of every transaction it's automatically distributed across all the existing holders.

0.5% Santa Sleight

0.5% of all transactions are redirected for running the seasonal marketing.


Together we are helping children in need every Christmas

30 %
0 B
max. ever supply
+ 1000 $
donated to needy children
years of charity

More actions, fewer words

What makes us different?

Christmas 1.0

2021 – November 7 was when the story behind Rich Santa began and took life to accomplish a simple but valuable mission: helping community members getting richer and supporting needy children across the world.

With an ATH of $2M marketcap and crazy days in November and December, community donated over $3,000 to

Christmas 2.0

2022 – Was a difficult year for Europe, the war in Ukraine has started when Russia has attacked them and many families were and still are in crisis, where children across all the country remained orphan due to terrible military actions. We decided to help even if the bearmarket was already making huge progress across the entire blockchain. Community donated over $1,000 to NGO.

Christmas 3.0

2023 – A rebranding, a new mission which shares the same values as before, this year will be even bigger, with the community charity targeted to African needy children. With as little as few bucks, each of you will make a big difference in someone’s else life.

The good part? You have just to interact with Rich Santa and you’re automatically a part of, this Christmas. Do good, be good!

Rich santa mission for 2023

$38 will give a Christmas. Together we help hungry children.

For most of us few bucks doesn’t make any difference in our daily lives due to cost of living and opportunities all around us. But there are some people around the globe, people like us, that didn’t had this chance. For them, as little as $38 per month will provide a living: food, water and education.

This means that everyone who’s part of this community, will donate 0.5% of their transaction fees to Africa oriented NGO that support our cause.

Influencers and media

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If you don’t have already a wallet, create a Trustwallet or Metamask wallet using either a desktop PC or Android/iOS mobile device. This way, you can start swap or receive $SANTA.

You can buy BNB or BUSD directly on Trustwallet/Metamask or centralized exchanges like Binance, Coinbase,, OKX etc. and send the amount to your Trustwallet/Metamask wallet. Make sure to use the Smart Chain (BEP-20) network when transferring. 

Connect your Trustwallet/Metamask wallet to Pancakeswap (decentralized Binance Smart Chain exchange) by clicking on top right corner ‘Connect Wallet’.

Start swapping as soon as you have BNB or BUSD available in your wallet. Press ‘Select a token’ and enter the token official contract address:


Recommended slippage of 10%.

on pancakeswap

How to get $SANTA

Contract: 0x95a035a4e8738c6f7bf1c2a29996bcd79fcc074f

Slippage: 10%